Worship Ministry

If you want to be a part of making the Sunday morning worship service run smoothly and be inspiring, you should be a part of the New Deliverance Worship Ministry.

UshersThe Worship Ministry works with the Pastor to ensure that the Order of Service is inviting, inspirational and inspiring.  We also work with the Christian Education Ministry to ensure that special youth presentations are included in the worship service to observe Christian holidays.  The Worship Ministry has two sub-committees that are self-sufficient: The Ushers and the Choir.  Ushers participate in making the service run smoothly and the Choir provides inspirational music.

Being an Usher is an important part of church service.  It takes dedication and commitment, but it also takes a person who can be pleasant yet firm.  The Ushers are the face of the church, the first person that members and guests see on Sunday morning.  A positive interaction as you enter church enhances the entire worship service.  If you feel like you can be an asset to the team of men and women who serve as Ushers, contact us at worship@newdchurch.com.

ChoirThe New Deliverance Choir is one of the best-kept secrets in the City of Chicago.  The Praise Team and the Choir sing beautiful, inspirational music that prepares the congregation for receiving the Word of God.  Singing a joyful noise unto the Lord is one of the greatest ways to show glory to God.  If you have the voice of an angel, or simply just love to sing praises to the Lord, please consider joining the choir.  Contact us at worship@newdchurch.com.

The Worship Ministry is also responsible for documenting the Sunday service through CD recordings and Facebook live stream.  These technical services are another way to serve God through ministry.

The Worship Ministry plays an integral part in all services that take place in the sanctuary of the church including funeral services and weddings.  We also use the choir as a fundraising tool for the church.